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What Is the difference between a Vinyl Wall Decal, Printed Graphics Decals & Wall Murals?
We carry 3 types of wall decals. The type of wall decal will be noted within each individual product page. All SignArts wall decals are sticky on the back side, so you don’t have to use any glue or chemicals to stick them on your walls. Don’t worry!  We will provide instructions with every order.

“Vinyl Wall Decals”
These are made of the same vinyl material used on billboards and other signage that you might see around town. They are extremely reliable and rated 5-10 years for exterior use.  Since our decals are used mainly on interior walls, that means they will last for many more years to come. These are actual cut-outs of a design, so when you apply it on your wall, your wall colour will be your background colour. They usually come in one solid colour or a combination of 2 or 3 colours.  When applied to your walls, it will look like the design was painted by an artist. Vinyl Wall Decals are removable but not re-usable once they are removed.

“Printed Graphic Decals”
Just like the name indicates, these are designs that are printed on graphic decal materials. They are either printed on white background canvas-like textured sticker or on a clear vinyl sticker. The decal designs are also contoured cut to the image, so there will never be any white square borders around our decals unless noted. Printed Graphic Decals are removable and re-usable.

“Wall Murals”
Wall Murals are our largest produced wall stickers. They can cover the entire wall like wallpaper, but you don’t need any wallpaper paste or special chemical glue to adhere them to your walls. They are basically a large sticker.  Simply peel and stick. SignArts  Wall Murals are also removable and repositionable. Take them with you when you move.

I have textured walls. Will your wall decals work on textured surfaces? How about bathrooms? How about wallpaper?
*Our decals can be applied on most flat surfaces, including slightly textured interior walls, windows, mirrors, tiles and bathroom walls or any smooth surface.

*They will NOT work on heavily textured walls, like Knockdown textured walls or any stucco type texture. If they are rough by touch, then our stickers will not work on your walls.

*You can test this by applying a regular sticker on your wall. If it sticks well enough then our wall decals should work on your walls. They work great on matt-finish or semi-gloss wall paint.

*DO NOT apply SignArts wall decals to freshly painted walls for at least 2 weeks or until your wall paint is fully cured.

*Make sure to wipe down your walls with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that might be on your walls before applying decals.

Can you put our decals on your bathroom wall?
YES.  Before you apply our decals in your bathroom, please make sure the bathroom is not humid. Don’t apply the decal after a shower. The bathroom wall needs to be completely dry before applying. You can also stick our decals on tiles, shower curtains, mirrors, or any smooth surface.
My walls are wallpapered already. Now What?
DO NOT apply SignArts wall decal over wallpaper or any paper material. They are NOT removable.
I know all decals are removable, but how do you remove them and will it take off the paint?
Removing your decal is easy.

Simply peel up an edge with your fingernails and slowly peel the decal off your wall! Since we cannot guarantee the condition of the wall surface, some paint chipping might occur. Some minor paint touch up may be required on some walls.  Take your time when removing the wall decal and you can prevent most of the paint chipping if any. If you applied SignArts wall decals on mirrors or glass surfaces, we recommend you use a blow dryer to warm the decal to help loosen the adhesive from the decal and peel slowly.

Can I apply the wall decals to my freshly painted walls?
If you just painted your walls, please allow at least 2 weeks or until your wall paint is fully cured before you apply our wall decals. They will NOT work on freshly painted walls. You must let your wall paint dry completely before applying the decals on your walls. Although the paint may be dry to the touch, it is not fully cured yet. Tiny little air pockets are still releasing gasses that our eyes can’t see. This will cause the wall decal stickers to come off.

*Very Important: Zero VOC or Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint chemicals can take 6-8 weeks to fully cure.

Can SignArts produce a custom design for me?
YES.  Please email your image to us at or upload your image HERE

Please include the size and colour (if applicable) with your email.

Any request is welcome. We will get back to you on the price quote for your custom design wall decal

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