Well… Where to begin… The old line of “All’s well that ends well” rings to mind here.

Yes the new baby (Printer/Cutter) arrived all ok.. sorta kinda …It turned out that the new printer was shipped with the ink cartridges in… not great… So … When it came to printing …only black and blue where working (ironic as that is how i was feeling at the time 🙂 ) and the yellow and magenta cartridges where spewing ink all over the place… What a mess…Ink from one end to the other .. Following a few panic phone calls it was sorted. A service guy was to come and give our new baby a full service… As stated earlier .. “All’s well that ends well” Thanks Phil (Printer Man) The printer now working a treat… Very happy now.. So I’m ready for more large format printing/cutting.  Bring it on!